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Legal Information and Notices required by the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Name of Seller
Andunny, LLC
Representative : Andy C. (Owner)
Address of Seller
4201 62nd Ave. N. Pinellas Park FL, 33781
Sales Price
The price denoted on this site
※ Consumption Tax shall be levied in Japan.
※ Delivery charges are excluded.
※ Depending on the country or area, custom duties might be applied. (import tax, value- added tax, customs fees, etc.)
In such case, the payment for these duties will be customer’s responsibility.
Delivery Charges
$11.99 USD (TAX INC) (By FedEx or USPS)

Shipping outside the U.S. is as follows.
Overseas shipping fee is $30.00 USD (TAX INC)
※ Custom duties may be charged depending on the destination country.
Payment method
You can pay by credit card, ApplePay, PayPal and Stripe.
<Available credit cards>
VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover
Delivery Periods
After shipment, most products arrive in 1-3 business days after the execution of the sales agreement.
Cancellation, Return and Replacement
(1) You can not return, exchange, cancel cancellation of your order at your convenience. However, in the case that there is an issue with the product you receive, we will accept returns or exchanges as long as you contact the listed contact information on the CONTACT page within 7 days after arrival of this item.
In addition, if you have already used the item, or if tags and/or accessories are missing, we will not accept request for returns or exchanges if we judge that the returned goods are not appropriate.
(2) The shipping fee for the return of the item purchased at this site will be paid by the customer. However, if the returned goods are attributable to our company’s responsibility, we will return the shipping fee.
(3) In the process of manufacturing the product, an error of about 2-3 cm may occur. In that case, please note that it will not be treated as defective.
(4) For payment from overseas, a remittance fee might be charged depending on the payment service you are using. This will be charged in case of a cancellation as well, but please notice that we cannot pay for the difference.
Restrictions on product sales volumes
Each customer may purchase one unit of each product.
When paying by credit card, the transaction may be rejected if the card was not issued in the customer’s name. Minors are asked to obtain the permission of a parent or guardian before ordering.
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– Firefox , latest version
– Chrome, latest version

・ Apple iPhone , latest version
– Android , latest version

– Apple ipad , latest version
– Tablet Android , latest version